Knee pain from nowhere: Mini case study

A patient came in recently having been treated for neck pain that was resolving after 3-4 visits. She said, “My neck is feeling much better but yesterday I started having pain in the right knee with every step I take. It just started from nowhere.”

When joint pain starts for no particular reason the cause is often some internal stress. In Applied Kinesiology when there is an internal stress on a particular organ there is often a weakening or dysfunction in associated muscle. This is not usually painful but, when a joint starts to be used with dysfunctioning muscles, joint pain is not far behind.

When I tested the muscles around the patient’s knee and found the only weakness to be in the quadriceps. This is the big muscle on the front of the thigh that connects to the kneecap.  The quadriceps is also associated with the small intestines in Applied Kinesiology. When testing the quad against various reflexes for the small intestines it functioned much better. I asked the patient about any changes in the diet, intestinal distress, travel…all of which she denied.  After asking about increased fiber, more raw vegetables, nuts…she admitted to eating loads of trail mix in the past week. A rapid increase in fiber can be stressful for the intestines. I call this “over-nuting-yourself.” I treated the reflexes, acupuncture points, and spine associated with the small intestines without ever touching her knee. I had her walk afterward and the pain that was there was reduced by 90%! At he follow up visit for her neck the patient said the knee did much better and the remaining pain resolved over the next couple of days. This was the little bit of tendonitis that had built up in the short time she had been stressing her small intestines.

Not all knee pain is this simple but it illustrates the idea that pain that comes from nowhere it usually has a cause.  Without using the tool of muscle testing and Applied Kinesiology we would never known where the pain was coming from.  Likely, the simple therapy of “less fiber” would never have been used and she would have only gotten better by accident when her diet happened to have less fiber.