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Dr. Luke Pietrantone DIBAK

For the past 12 years I have been practicing in Virginia but grew up in the Buffalo area. I was excited to move back in 2014! In Virginia, I started practice by taking care of orthopedic problems using standard chiropractic and rehab methods.  Over time, my practice philosophy evolved as I realized basic techniques were not always enough.  Patients needed more. This began a journey of study of ways to empower my patients to be healthier, so they can respond better to care, and over come whatever health concern brings them into my office.

I am dedicated to helping my patient improve their health as quickly and completely as possible.  The best results come when the doctor fits the treatment to the patient’s needs rather than treating everybody with the same technique.   This idea has led me to a multidisciplinary approach to improving patient’s health incorporating chiropractic, applied kinesiology (AK), nutrition, emotional release, cranial techniques, muscle balancing, soft tissue release and rehabilitative exercise.  As a doctor the hardest part is determining which therapy is the most appropriate.  This is where AK shines.  Through AK muscle testing, the body reveals which therapy it will respond to best.  Cutting through the clutter of the symptoms a patient may present with, allows for quicker results.  Observing this phenomenon over and over with patients, has led me to become certified as a Diplomate in AK (DIBAK).  Certification is not the end.  I am continually trying to refine my skills with seminars and constant reading.

My wife Michelle and I practiced together taking care of young families, athletes and individuals with chronic conditions. These patients wanted to use a healthcare approach without the use of drugs, took and active role in their health, and looked to avoid medical interventions. I work best with these types of patients.  If a patient will not take an active role in their health, then whatever therapy provides them relief is not better than a Band-Aid.  Medication, and even a chiropractic adjustment, can be a Band-Aid if it has to be done over and over again without asking WHY.  Together we can get to the root cause of why your body is in dysfunction and help you recover your health.

On a personal note, I really enjoy spending time with my wife Michelle, my son Owen, and my daughter Claire. These are the lights in my life and we are happy to be back in the Buffalo area to share them with our extended families. I am looking forward to enjoying all the Western New York area has to offer in the way of out-door activities, an invigorated City of Buffalo, and peaceful pace of life.

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Dr. Luke Pietrantone
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