Welcome to our blog! Informing my patients about the ways they can make lifestyle changes to improve their health is a big part of my practice. Only so much can be accomplished in our treatment sessions and I needed a way to support my patients while they are managing stress, making changes to their diet, exercise programs, rehab of an injury just to name a few. The main purpose of this blog and my Facebook page is to create a place where my patients can find information about the changes they are going through and maybe even connect with people going through the same thing. My patients have been amazing with some of the inventive ways they have made their own lifestyle changes. They share these tips with me, and I can share those tips with some, but if it is in print everyone can review those tips on this blog or Facebook. I will also be including information about common conditions I encounter in the office and the way I treat them. Like Dr. Luke Pietrantone on Facebook and check in with our (Dr. Michelle will make a post form time to time) blog and look for our latest post.